September 2019

Security in the Age of Big Data

Data is everywhere in many forms: structured, unstructured, social media, caller logs, machine learning logs, etc. and everyone is working towards capitalizing its power. Individuals, commercial organizations and government seek to leverage the tremendous potential of data analytics. Although, what is possible today using the Big Data technology is just the "tip of the iceberg" and there is more to come. As a result, the way data is construed is in a state of transformation. The view of what data is and how data is captured is continually changing and these changes are impacting the way organizations are looking at their information security.

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August 2019

Old Is Still Gold: Securing Dormant Health Data

Data security, in its broader context, is dealt with data in a production database. However, not all the data in production systems is being used frequently and organizations have turned to data hoarders. The general perception of anyone in the executive leadership of an organization is that the cost of holding data is low when compared with the cost of not having access to specific data when required. New regulations like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in the European Union along with the increase in the security breaches that are being reported has changed this trend.

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July 2019

Healthcare Data Breaches: The Intangible Costs

Traditionally, only financial data was nucleus for cyber theft and misuse. This paradigm is changing with more and more healthcare data breaches being reported every month. One of the reasons could be that this information cannot be cancelled as easy as a compromised credit card would be. The IT landscape has changed from office work to mobile workforce, desktops to compact laptops and tablets. These changes have created a nightmare for IT professionals who are charged with a complex infrastructure setup that not only accommodates the requests of the workforce, but also ensure sure the data is secure. With many new stringent regulations coupled with hefty fines for data breaches, data security has never been more important in healthcare organizations.

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July 2019

HITRUST: Why It Matters

Effectively managing data is complex and ever-changing. The complexity increases with managing sensitive data. Although this is true in all industry sectors, it is even more crucial in healthcare. There are many components and considerations in designing, developing and implementing a robust program that integrates all the necessary elements to mitigate risk and achieve compliance objectives. However, achieving a single compliance stature is not enough. There is a need for organizations to go beyond traditional compliance requirements with a broader approach towards attaining security standards for a successful risk mitigation. HITRUST (Health Information Trust Alliance) with its Common Security Framework helps healthcare organizations address the multitude of security, privacy and other regulatory challenges.

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June 2019

A Holistic Approach to Protect Healthcare Data

This is an era where vast amounts of data are being created, collected, collated and consumed. It is particularly true for the healthcare industry where patient information is shared amongst healthcare providers, insurance companies and, often within different departments within the same organization for a variety of purposes.

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