Data Archive default ports details

Data Archive default ports details

ILM application can be hosted on any file system, for e.g. NFS. However, you can archive/retire data to some of the latest file systems like EMC Atmos, EMC Centera, and Hadoop too.

The user running ILM services should have access to the installation folder and nothing else. If the Data Vault is stored in another server, this user must be able to access that sever too.

With respect to DB, ILM needs a repository schema (usually known as AMHOME) from an application point of view and there is no special requirement on the port. That is the context for the DB administrators. When working with source databases, ILM need a staging schema/database so that it can create intermediate tables while archiving data.

ILM Data Archive uses 8080 as a default port. You can change it by modifying the file “”.

Informatica Data Vault uses 8500, 8600 and 50501 ports.