How To: Integrate Enterprise Data Catalog and IICS (Informatica Cloud)

How To: Integrate Enterprise Data Catalog and IICS (Informatica Cloud)

High-level tasks

  • Install EDC instance with appropriate configuration settings – Azure Marketplace
  • Load metadata for a resource (database)
  • Add required license within IICS org and configure EDC URL
  • Search assets from IICS and add them to the inventory
  • Create synchronization tasks or mappings from the objects saved in inventory and load the targets by executing the tasks/mappings

Step-by-step guide

Steps to setup EDC and IICS instances:

On EDC instance:

  • When installing EDC from Azure marketplace, make sure to select the following configurations for VMs:
    • Informatica Domain: Standard_D5_v2
    • Cluster Domain: Standard_D4_v2 (this is needed so that the IHS (Hadoop service) doesn’t go down frequently)
    • Database VM: Standard_D3_v2
  • Once deployment is complete, depending on the subnet selected, you may have to create NSG (Network Security Group) networking rules to enable access from all IPs
  • Launch EDC Catalog administrator and create a resource for the source database that needs to be scanned. Provide relevant configuration parameter values and run the load metadata job/process
    • Start the scan with a smaller schema/database
    • Repeat the metadata load process for different schemas/databases as required
  • If you select to import sample data during deployment creation, sample resources will be loaded into the catalog

On IICS Org:

  • Enable “Data Catalog” license – you may reach out to support to enable this license
    • Once done, make sure that the service “EDC Search Agent” is available on your run time environment and is in “running” status
  • Configure EDC instance in your cloud organization by going to option “Organization”
    • Under “URL of EDC Service” provide the link for EDC instance. Do not include anything beyond the port from the URL (For ex: http://csa-edc-demo-04-dmn:9085/)
    • Provide the user name and password of the EDC administrator and also chose the run time environment in the other fields as appropriate

Steps to create DW data loads in IICS:

Within IICS Org:

  • Select “Data Integration” service and navigate to “Data Catalog”
  • Search the required data assets and filter them based on resource name, etc.
  • Once you identify the required table, add it to inventory. Subsequently, you can add it to a new synchronization task or a mapping
  • When you add it to inventory, a new connection object is created with the details provided in EDC when creating the resource. You can use this connection object in the mapping or synchronization task created above
  • Add a target as required in the task or mapping and run it such that data is loaded from the source database table into target